2017 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir bottle image

2017 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

A deep, garnet wine fills the glass. Aromas of cranberry, red currant, and tart cherry layer together, complemented by a hint of earth and spice. On the palate, this medium bodied wine shows bright notes of raspberry and strawberry, followed by baking spices, earthiness, and an additional note of tart cherry returning on the finish. Structured and well-balanced, this wine is expressive of the region and the vintage.

APPELLATION: Willamette Valley
FOOD PAIRING: Provencal vegetable tart


Renowned as a world class Pinot Noir region, the Willamette Valley has supported vines since the 1840s. The rich geological history of the land is defined by floods from over 15,000 years ago that deposited sediment linked to the region’s distinct terroir and ability to cultivate vines. Pinot Noir is at home in the warm, dry summers and cool, wet winters of the region. The Columbia River helps to moderate temperatures, meaning there is very little snow in the winter and very few hot days in the summer.

Willamette Valley vineyards tend to be planted primarily on hillsides. Here, the alluvial soils allow advantageous drainage and easy accessibility to the water table below. The hills help to create the ideal mesoclimate for vines, offering protection from wind and funneling cold air down to the valley floor. The Willamette Valley sees long spring and fall seasons, allowing the vineyards to wake up at the appropriate time (post frost) and then offering the grapes a long ripening period.


After a stellar vintage 2014, winemakers rejoiced over the “twin” 2015 growing season. Oregon was again graced with near perfect conditions, producing high yields and exceptional quality. Harvest began in late August – the earliest harvest in history of the region – due to a hot, dry growing season. September rain and cool temperatures refreshed vines and removed the pressure of over-ripening. 

Our winemaking team truly loves Pinot Noir – a grape also known as the “fickle mistress.” Their passion and dedication is a must with the unpredictable nature of this grape. With experience from Burgundy France, to the Russian River Valley in California, and the Willamette Valley in Oregon, our team understands this delicate grape.